DF™ TopList Lite 2.8 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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DF™ TopList Lite is the lighter version to TopList Pro with the same fast and reliable quality but with a little less of the bulk and functions. The program is great for new webmasters to develop their own toplist as it still provides enough functions and features to make the process easy.

The DF™ TopList Lite program is very easy to install especially, given that it does not require MySQL, Perl, PHP, Cron and so on and it entails ample set-up pages design possibilities. The program records statistics on Proxy, Raw, Uniq, etc. and you can view those stats by hours, days or the last week.

When counting hits, the toplist has a proxy filter, is able to count unique visitors only, can be configured to not count “hits in” without referrer URL being available or ones generated by bots and can be set to require administrator approval of new members before being added. DF™ TopList Lite has many more features and the fact that it is written in C++ makes it faster than analog scripts written in Perl or PHP.

DF TopList Lite (C++) - free top-sites script with the big opportunities. Toplist created on the basis of DF TopList Pro with restriction of some functions.

Toplist is simple to install.

Low system requirements: not used MySQL, Perl, PHP, cron.TopList completely written in C++.

Has large possibilities of set-up pages design.

Toplist keep statistics on Raw, Uniq, In, Out, Proxy, Clicks. You can view statistics by hours, for day, for the last 7 days.

Hits In count policy: toplist has a proxy filter, possibility of counting only unique visitors, possibility not to count Hits In without Referrer URL variable, possibility not to count Hits In of SE bots.

Possibility of approval by the administrator of the new members, before adding in list.

Possibility to send the messages to the administrator on e-mail, from ranking pages (Contacs Us).

Using gateway page. It is possible do not show confirmation page for not unique visitors.

Editing of multiple accounts. Registration of members from the administrative interface.

TopList completely written on C++ and much faster than the analogous scripts written in perl/php.

Built-in editor of page of a rating with preview of edited page

Submitted banner maximum picture size and file size control.

Built-in templates editor of members zone pages.

Toplist has a sufficient number of features to compete to some paid scripts.

Possibility of connection of modules:

DF Toplist MultiAdd - the module for multiaddition of accounts;

DF Toplist MultiMembers - the module for editing of multiple toplists accounts;

DF Toplist MultiAdmin - the module for administration of multiple toplist scripts;

DF Site Monitor - the module for monitoring of websites availability and content of toplist members.

Detailed documentation on settings.

Simple upgrade to the professional version.



The project develops since 2000.

System Requirements:

Unix/Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris/Windows NT+

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